Why Chose Dr. Angelice Alexander?

She Specializes In Speaking And Treating Patients In A Wellness Capacity


Whether its clinical, professional, or personal, Dr. Alexander has the unique ability to deliver life changing information in a way that only she can. As a trusted source for wellness over the past 20 years, Dr. Alexander blends her scientific background, with her relatability empathy. From Keynote to Workshop, Breakout to Lunch & Learn, she is the perfect speaker for any event that wants their audience to leave educated, entertained, and inspired.


Beginning as a professional speaker in 2004 for a pharmaceutical company, Dr. Alexander has branched out to share her messages of wellness to a variety of audiences.


Earning her medical degree from The University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine, Dr. Alexander then completed her residency training in Family Medicine. She has been serving Central Ohio since 2000, and she has been a physician entrepreneur since 2009. She is passionate about educating and providing care, especially in the areas of medical weight loss, addiction medicine, and hormone balancing.

I help individuals enhance their health and wellness to improve their quality of life.

Available Talks

Let Me Give You A HAND In Helping You Manage Your Weight

Let Me Give You A HAND In Helping You Manage Your Weight

Easy, Practical Tips From A Weight Loss Physician

The audience will learn:

- The critical components to successful weight management

- Easy, actionable steps to take to manage weight

- The benefits in managing weight

The Opiate Use Disorder Pandemic

What You Need To Know About The Other Pandemic Taking So Many Lives

The audience will learn:

- What opiate use disorder is

- The reality that opiate use disorder is common and encouragement to treat it

- Safe, effective treatments exist that allow individuals to live healthy, productive lives

The Mysterious Hormones

The Mysterious Hormones

How hormones play a significant, yet often unrecognized role in our health and wellness

The audience will learn:

- There are many common symptoms that might be attributed to hormone imbalance

- As we age, our hormone levels often decrease yet many medical conditions often increase. Is there a connection?

- How hormone levels can be checked, and what can be done if there is an abnormality

What clients say

William R.

William R.

Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, Medicasafe, Inc

"Doctor Alexander is an entertaining, animated and knowledgeable speaker. She punctuates her presentations with humor, understanding and empathy."

Curtis M.

Curtis M.

"The presentation was extremely informative as well as educational."

Aliyah A.

Aliyah A.

"Your talk was wonderful. I really liked it. And it was kind of funny too."

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